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TAPPI BioPro ExpoTM March 14-16, 2011 Atlanta Hilton Downtown

TAPPI BioPro ExpoTM March 14-16, 2011 Atlanta Hilton Downtown

As recent headlines have emphasized, safe and renewable fuel sources are the direction of the future — with awareness and incentives for clean energy increasing on a daily basis.  To reflect the latest regulatory and technical developments in sustainable energy production, TAPPI is moving BioPro ExpoTM to March 14-16, 2011 and it will be held at the downtown Atlanta Hilton. This move enhances BioPro Expo’s mission to bring attendees critical information to immediately capitalize on the growing market momentum for renewables. Find out more by visiting BioPro Expo’s website.

New Michigan State Forest, NY

New Michigan State Forest, NY

On May 31, 1998 a tornado destroyed 1,000 acres of the New Michigan State Forest.  The Hardwood Forestry Fund provided a grant in year 2000 for tree planting designed to expedite forest cover and to ensure hardwoods in the emerging forest.  The planting site is located near the northern boundary of the tornado damaged area. The large seedlings (size 3-0) were donated and the HFF grant was used to purchase and install for tree shelters to protect the young trees from deer browse.

Update from Project Manager June 2010:
The planted hardwood trees range in height from 6′ high with 0.5″ diameter to 15′ high with 3″ diameter.

Pin cherry dominates the site with more than 1,000 stems/acre.  Red oak is approximately 100 stems/ acre while black cherry stems are near 50/ acre. 
The stand is in good health.  It is completely vegetated, although dominated by early successional species. 

Two educational events were held at the site in spring 2010.  One event focused on the 10th anniversary of the tornado and the other event taught participants about hiking and bird watching in this area.  About 15 people attended each event.  Participants of the first event were shown the stages of natural and artificial regeneration at the site.  Participants of the second event hiked on the Finger Lakes Hiking Trail adjacent to the planting site and were shown various bird species that are attracted to the young forest.

  • Project Initiation Date: 4/1/2000
  • Location: New Michigan State Forest , NY
  • Number of Trees: 3850
  • Number of Acres: 26
  • Tree Species: red oak, black cherry
  • Project Partner: NY State Dept of Env Conservation

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