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Update HFF participation at IWF2010

Update HFF participation at IWF2010

The HFF exhibited successfully with more than 800 companies and associations affiliated with woodworking and furniture industries at IWF2010 held August 25-28 in Atlanta, GA.  HFF Board members and staff thanked current and previous HFF contributors and made important contacts with prospective new members. Photo shows HFF Vice Chair and Project Review Committee Chairman David Thomsson (on left) of Brookside Veneers Ltd. with other Board members and visitors to the HFF booth. 

In addition to exhibiting at IWF …

The HFF Board of Directors conducted its fall Board meeting on Friday, August 27 with Board members in attendance in person and by teleconference.  Thank you to IWF for arranging meeting space. 

The HFF Board presented Columbia Forest Products with the Gifford Pinchot Award at Columbia’s booth on Friday, August 27 at 11AM in front of an audience of invited guests and IWF media. Columbia was recognized for outstanding corporate efforts toward forest sustainability. Congratulations Columbia!

The winner of the drawing for the HFF shirt is Greg Kern of Dassault Falcon Jet Corp of Little Rock, AR.

Grant Application Deadline: February 1, 2011

The Hardwood Forestry Fund’s next grant application deadline is February 1, 2011.  Funding priority for year 2011 is hardwood seedling planting on state forest land managed for multiple use.  To communicate project ideas before investing time in the application process, please contact HFF staff.

Susquehannock State Forest, PA

Susquehannock State Forest, PA

This natural regeneration project repairs a forest damaged by a 2003 ice storm. The Hardwood Forestry Fund grant enabled the project manager to address the ice damage and to encourage healthy natural regeneration. Because of these efforts, thousands of new trees have captured the site. The diversity of native hardwood trees now growing is attracting various species of wildlife including: whitetail deer, black bear, coyotes, turkeys, grouse, and numerous bird species.

The severe ice storm of 2003 bent and bowed 20 acres of saplings, creating a jumble of broken tops and sucker branching.  The young trees were so badly damaged the site was essentially out of production.  The project manager wanted to try a management technique to flatten 13.6 acres of damaged saplings to promote new regeneration. This was done using a D6 bulldozer.  The following spring, a large amount of Pin Cherry sprouted and continued to grow at an impressive rate throughout the growing season.  The Pin Cherry competed more successfully against other species. Competition control to reduce the amount of pin cherry was performed in 2007.  Currently there are several native tree species growing on the site including: Black Cherry, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Aspen, Black Birch and White Ash.    
All trees on this site are a result of natural regeneration. The saplings range in height from 6 ft to 1 ft depending on the tree species and the effects of deer browsing.   
Stocking is approximately 1,300 young trees per acre. The overall health of the stand is good although some deer browsing is still taking place. 

In the summer of 2009, twelve DCNR foresters from adjoining districts visited the site for an educational field day.  They learned about different ways to deal with ice damage in pole size stands.  They learned that if a stand has a tremendous amount of ice damage that bulldozing and possibly competition control afterwards is a good method to regenerate the stand and to create a healthy forest.

  • Project Initiation Date: winter 2005/2006
  • Location: Susquehannock State Forest Comparnment 65 , PA
  • Number of Trees: 26000
  • Number of Acres: 20
  • Tree Species: black cherry, black birch, sugar mpale, white ash
  • Project Partner: PA DCNR Forest District #15

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