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McGilvra Woods State Natural Area

McGilvra Woods State Natural Area

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This property is located within the Baraboo Hills area of Sauk County. The Baraboo Hills are unique in that they support one of the largest upland hardwood forests in the Midwest and provide critical nesting habitat to forest-interior songbirds.  The forest also benefits the area economically by providing forest products and recreational opportunities.   As the young forest grows, the tree cover will close gaps in the forest landscape thus contributing additional habitat for plants and animals needing deep forest conditions.  Successful forest establishment will be based on planting high numbers of seedlings initially to mimic natural regeneration.  Once established the forester will follow up with vegetation control, monitor seedling survival and interplant if needed.  
Major Benefits of the Project:  This planting is designed to integrate former open fields into the forest canopy of the Baraboo Hills.  It will do so by mimicking natural regeneration on the site and limiting suitable habitat for invasive grassland and undesirable woody species.  In the short-term, this benefits the forest communities by lessening edge effect; and lowering habitat fragmentation by connecting adjacent blocks of oak-dominated woodlands.  In the long-term, this planting will have the added benefit of producing forest products and setting an example for how natural community management and sound, sustainable forestry can complement one-another and meet the long term objectives of each.

  • Project Type: Tree planting
  • Project Initiation Date: Spring 2010
  • Location: Sauk County , Wisconsin
  • Number of Trees: 5,281
  • Number of Acres: 2.5
  • Tree Species: red oak, black walnut, black cherry
  • Project Partner: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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