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HFF Honored For Outstanding Management of Resources

HFF Honored For Outstanding Management of Resources

Bangor, Maine – The Northeastern Loggers’ Association (NELA) recently honored the Hardwood Forestry Fund as the recipient of its 2010 Outstanding Management of Resources Award.  NELA President Jeffrey Durst presented the award at the Annual Loggers’ Banquet in Bangor, ME in a ceremony attended by over 200 members of the Northeast’s forest products industry.

During his remarks, President Durst told the audience “The Hardwood Forestry Fund has long established itself as an organization dedicated to improving, managing, and sustaining hardwood forests.”

“The HFF was created in 1990 as an educational foundation that provides grants and support for the establishment and restoration of sustainable forests” Durst said.  “Since their inception they’ve provided in excess of one million dollars to plan and manage more than 3.7 million trees and to improve more than 6,500 acres of public land that is managed for multiple uses.  They’ve got a great track record for creating partnerships among natural resource organizations, educational institutions, forest products companies, and individuals and families.  HFF is truly a bright star in the hardwood-dominated states of the central and eastern U.S. and we’re proud to recognize their accomplishments” Durst concluded.

Rick Philipps, HFF Chairman says “The Hardwood Forestry Fund Board of Directors thanks NELA for recognizing us for the “Outstanding Management of Resources” award.  The HFF is proud to share this award with our dedicated team of professional public foresters, our generous contributors, and the many volunteers who donate their time and expertise to our sustainable forestry projects. Every forest we help create or improve today is part of a high quality and available supply of timber for the  future. Thank you for recognizing the importance of proactive forest management and for honoring the Hardwood Forestry Fund with this meaningful award.”

The Northeastern Loggers’ Association, headquartered in Old Forge, NY, is a trade group representing nearly 2,000 members of the Northeast’s logging, sawmilling, and paper industry. The Loggers’ Banquet is held each year immediately prior to the Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Exposition. NELA was founded in 1952 and has  members in the region from Maine to Minnesota and Missouri to Maryland. NELA publishes the highly respected monthly magazine The Northern Logger and Timber Processor and hosts the annual Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Exposition.  Visit NELA  to learn more. 

Alabama Flood Plain Tree Planting

Alabama Flood Plain Tree Planting

Restoration of bottomland hardwoods on this site will produce quality hardwood timber, create excellent habitat for wildlife species, and provide a demonstration area for forest managment in riparian areas. The 16,000 trees were hand planted during the 2010-2011 planting season.  Approximately one third of the seedlings are protected by tree shelters to minimize deer browse. Our project manager reported in April 2011 that the trees look good, broke dormancy, and are putting on new leaves.  The photo shows a tree in a protective tree tube.  Target planted trees include cherrybark oak, southern red oak, and swamp white oak. Natural regeneration of other native trees is also growing on the site and will act as nurse/trainers for the planted seedlings. The site is a flood plain on a tributary of Cowikee Creek that drains into the Chattahoochee River. 

This project is sponsored by all Hardwood Forestry Fund members.

  • Project Type: Tree planting
  • Project Initiation Date: Spring 2011
  • Location: Barbour Wildlife Management Area, Barbour and Bullock Counties , Alabama
  • Number of Trees: 16,000
  • Number of Acres: 25
  • Tree Species: Cherrybark oak, Southern red oak, Swamp white oak
  • Project Partner: Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Divisions

Art for Everyday Announces “A Picture Says 500 Bucks” Draw

Art for Everyday Announces “A Picture Says 500 Bucks” Draw

It’s time to participate in Art For Everyday’s ”A Picture Says 500 Bucks” draw which runs through June 20, 2011.  The prize is fantastic, a $500 Visa voucher, and all you have to do is send a picture demonstrating how you’ve used an Art For Everyday product in one of your designs. Entering is easy, simply follow this link click here, fill out your details and upload your photo. The competition opened March 24, 2011 and the last day of submissions is 20th of June, 2011. The winner will be chosen at random with the draw taking place live online via a link which every participant will receive by email closer to the day.

The real winner in this draw is the environment because for every usable photo Art for Everday receives, the  company will donate $5 to the Hardwood Forestry Fund.  All pictures must be clear, in focus and of usable quality (and yes, Art For Everyday will accept pictures taken with the iPhone 4).  Some terms and conditions apply, click here for full details.

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