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Wildlands Conservancy

Wildlands Conservancy – Thomas Darling Preserve is located in Monroe County PA and is situated on the Pocono Plateau.  The 1300 acre Preserve is a mosaic of forest and wetland habitat types including upland hardwoods, hemlock swamps and blueberry meadows.  The project is designed to restore a low grade beech/maple forest on the eastern protion of the Preserve and convert it to early successional habitat required by the target species, Golden Winged Warbler.  The current stocking sees nearly 65% of the existing volume is American beech which is plagued with beech bark disease, suckering and dominating the understory with beech brush.  The stand had been previously high-graded and most of the mature Cherry-Oak-Maple removed, which likely allowed the beech that remained, to succeed.

The long term goal of the project is to return the species composition of this stand to its previous composition which will require the reintroduction of other hardwood species such as Oak, Tulip, Hickory, locust etc. which are favored by the Warbler.  The first phase of the project, which is already complete, saw the application of herbicide to the diseased American beech, beech brush, fern and other competitive vegetation.  Removal of this material will commence in January after the creation of nearly a mile of access road which is already being constructed.  Once cleared, the site will be ready to receive nearly 7000 feet of deer fence in the spring (2015), with continued herbicide treatments to any remnant beech brush.  Supplemental planting will take place in 2015/16 and then later in 2018 as needed if the first planting and natural regeneration is not entirely successful.

 .  Project Type:  Tree planting

.  Planting Dates: 2015/16 & 2018

.  Location:  Emmaus, PA

.  Number of Trees:  2500

.  Number of Acres:  60+

.  Tree Species:  Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Red Cherry, Red Oak

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