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Direct Seeding, Tree Planting, and Release Work at Mt. Hope

Direct Seeding, Tree Planting, and Release Work at Mt. Hope

This multi-faceted project involves red oak direct seeding,  black walnut tree planting, and release of natural oak regeneration at the Mt. Hope Recreation Area in Grant County, Wisconsin.  The forester planted 16,000 red oak acorns, 1600 walnut seedlings, and released 3250 red oak, white oak, and black cherry seedlings.  

June 2011 project manager report – The walnut trees average 2 feet in height but some are taller than 3 feet.  The oaks and the cherry trees in the release site are still only about one and one half ft tall on average. In the oak direct seeding area, the seedlings were already six inches high before the spring flush, and the planted oaks are averaging 18 inches tall.   On the release site, there is an average of more than three thousand seedlings per acre. Burdock and eastern tent caterpillar are an issue on the property this year. The direct seeding site did not result in as many seedlings as the forester had hoped, so she planted additional red oak seedlings this spring.

This project is proudly funded by all Hardwood Forestry Fund members.

  • Project Type: tree planting, direct seeding, release
  • Project Initiation Date: 2009
  • Location: Mt. Hope Recreation Area , WI
  • Number of Trees: 10,183
  • Number of Acres: 5
  • Tree Species: red oak, black walnut, white oak, black cherry
  • Project Partner: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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