Hardwood Forestry Fund Members know that wood is a renewable resource, and that healthy, vibrant forests provide benefits to wildlife, the environment, and to people.

HFF Award Winners

The Hardwood Forestry Fund presents two awards for outstanding work in sustainable forestry. These awards are the Gifford Pinchot Award and the Johnny Appleseed Award.

Gifford Pinchot Award

Armstrong Gifford Pinchot Award

Armstrong Gifford Pinchot Award

The Gifford Pinchot Award recognizes significant corporate achievements in promoting sustainable forestry.  The Gifford Pinchot Award honors a forest products company that has demonstrated a commitment to the environment and “generation after generation of people and trees” through tree planting, forest conservation, and environmental education.

Gifford Pinchot (1865-1946) was a forester, conservationist, first Chief of the US Forest Service, and Society of American Foresters founder and president.  Gifford Pinchot’s lasting legacy to forest management and conservation (wise use of resources) is mirrored in the goals of the Hardwood Forestry Fund.

Qualifications for the Hardwood Forestry Fund’s Gifford Pinchot Award are:

  • Demonstrated financial commitment to forest sustainability programs
  • Extensive environmental education efforts
  • Defined corporate strategy, policies, and procedures to extend use of hardwood resources

Previous Gifford Pinchot Award Winners:

2001    Armstrong Wood Products (Bruce Hardwood Floors)

2006    WalzCraft Industries, Inc.

2010    Anderson Hardwood Floors Inc.

2010    Columbia Forest Products

2014    Rockler Companies, Inc.


Johnny Appleseed Award

HFF Board member Jack Seifert helps plant trees

HFF Board member Jack Seifert helps plant trees

The Hardwood Forestry Fund’s Johnny Appleseed Award recognizes the outstanding work of a natural resources professional or organization. The award is named for the legendary tree planter, nurseryman, and conservationist known as Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman 1774-1845).

Qualifications for the Hardwood Forestry Fund’s Johnny Appleseed Award are:

  • Ongoing Commitment to Sustainable Forestry (adherence to plan)
  • Quantifiable Results (survival, growth, number of trees planted)
  • Educational focus (number of programs presented as well as number of volunteers, private landowners, and school children involved in educational field days or other educational programs).

Previous Johnny Appleseed Award Winners:

2000    Norman Lacasse – Pennsylvania

2001    John Seifert – Indiana

2006    Walt Zak – Indiana

2011    Paul Kloppenburg – Wisconsin

2014   Nathan Hall – Kentucky

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