Hardwood Forestry Fund Members know that wood is a renewable resource, and that healthy, vibrant forests provide benefits to wildlife, the environment, and to people.


Environmentally concerned members of the Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association’s Natural Resources Committee created the Hardwood Forestry Fund to replace  hardwood trees used to manufacture consumer products like hardwood flooring, cabinets, plywood, furniture, and decorative accessories.

In 1990, an independent Board of Directors was formed and the Hardwood Foresty Fund gained tax-exempt status. Membership has grown to include many segments of the forest products industry including primary and secondary manufacturers, suppliers, customers, as well as environmentally concerned foundations, individuals, and families.

The Hardwood Forestry Fund has planted and managed more than three and a half million trees in 26 U.S. states and in four foreign countries.

Sponsored projects require a management plan and harvest and regeneration schedules to ensure that the trees are cared for to provide future generations with healthy, high quality, and sustainable resources.

The Hardwood Forestry Fund is a 501 (c) (3) educational foundation that establishes sustainable forests for future generations' natural resource needs. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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