Hardwood Forestry Fund Members know that wood is a renewable resource, and that healthy, vibrant forests provide benefits to wildlife, the environment, and to people.


The Hardwood Forestry Fund is a 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to establishing sustainable hardwood forests.

Through tree planting and implementation of forest management techniques on public land, the Hardwood Forestry Fund promotes hardwood timber growth, management, environmental education, and wise use of our nation’s renewable forest resources.

Trees planted by the Hardwood Forestry Fund require a management plan that ensures they will be cared for to provide quality natural resources for future generations. Educational and demonstration forests help teach students and private landowners how to establish and be good stewards of hardwood forests.


Since 1990, Hardwood Forestry Fund members have joined together to celebrate and conserve the beauty and sustainability of hardwoods.  Membership in the Hardwood Forestry Fund allows non-landowners to play an active role in tree replacement and forest establishment.  With the financial help of its members, the Hardwood Forestry Fund provides tree planting and forest management grants to public natural resource partners (like state forestry agencies) to plant and manage hardwood forests on critical sites.  Environmentally concerned companies, conservation foundations, individuals, and families are encouraged to support this program by becoming Hardwood Forestry Fund members.   


Projects funded by the Hardwood Forestry Fund require a sustainable forest management plan.  The plans are  written by natural resource professionals who oversee each individual project.  Each management plan is tailored to consider current site conditions, and to manage the emerging forest with full consideration of wildlife, water quality, and environmental conservation goals.  Hardwood Forestry Fund project managers play a vital role in overseeing  planting, direct seeding, tree survival, tree growth, competition control, forest health and diversity, and the ongoing cycle of maturing trees, timber harvest, and forest regeneration.  Proper management techniques ensure forest sustainability.   

Species Diversity

The Hardwood Forestry Fund matches native hardwood tree species to each unique site. When selecting the most appropriate tree species to plant and manage on each site, our project managers consider soil type, annual rainfall expectations, high and low temperatures, and other conditions.  Focusing on a diverse mix of native hardwoods helps protect forest health and supports a wider variety of wildlife that can use the forest for food and cover.  Most regeneration of hardwoods occurs naturally because of seed sources and of hardwood trees’ ability to sprout into the next generation of trees. However, hardwood seedling planting is appropriate on many sites because natural regeneration of desired tree species is not present. Examples of these sites are abandoned agricultural land or land that was so severly scorched by fire that natural regeneration opportunities are eliminated.  The Hardwood Forestry Fund takes an active role in future forest establishment by creating more species diversity and by ensuring abundance of native species in young forest stands.

Tree Species Planted 1990-2007

Tree Species Planted 1990-2009

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The Hardwood Forestry Fund is a 501 (c) (3) educational foundation that establishes sustainable forests for future generations' natural resource needs. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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