What Types of Materials are Made from Trees?

It is a known fact that most of the materials we use come from trees, ranging from wood material resources —that is used to make wooden cabins and furniture, coffee cup sleeves and printer paper. In the health docate, both physical and mental, there are a lot of medical resources that benefit the health docate. However trees are providers of crucial items that we require everyday in addition to the items that you might know of. The following items are ones that you wouldn’t even imagine are tree-originated that exemplifies further preservation values of our forests and trees.

  1. Wine Corks

Did you ever pause to wonder the origin of a cabernet’s or pinot grigio’s cork? Wine corks originate from cork oak tree that are mainly existential in Spain and Portugal. The trees’ bark is harvested once per 9 years to cause no harm to the cork since it always regrows.

So you might be wondering how it is done, well the bark planks are boiled in order to cleanse and soften them. After that they are cut to pieces that are workable then they are either punched out via a machine or hand. They are considered corks of high grade as the remaining plank is ground to form granules that will be function in agglomerate cork making.

  1. Acne Medication &Natural Aspirin

Willow bark another name to the natural aspirin is inclusive of aspirin’s precursor that functions just like a tablet. Aspirin early incarnations were made via boiling the white willow tree’s bark. Willow tree medicines as well as other plants that are rich in salicylate are found in pharmacology papyri in Egypt dating back from 2nd millennium BC.

Extracts of willow bark are also present in self acre products and cosmetics because of its properties that are soothing, anti-inflammatory and astringent. It has salicylic acid, (BHA) which is naturally exfoliant in the treatment of acne due to its capabilities of shedding dead cells while pores are being cleared.

  1. Sponges

Here is something interesting which I bet you did not know. Nowadays, sponges are from plants materials which are plant-based like wood pulp and cotton fiber. They are biodegradable as well as lessen environmental toxins that are resultant from manufacturing process in comparison to plastics.

  1. Chewing Gum

Ancient Greeks were always chewing mastic gum or even resin which is found in the mastic trees’ bark. The women of Gracie loved chewing gum because it was breath sweetening and teeth cleansing.

The gum which we currently chew is an evolution of gum that is chicle-based that was introduced in early 1960s in the USA.  Chicle is a derivation of sapodilla tree juice found in Central America rain forests.

  1. Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax originates from leaves of Copernicia prunifera. This plant is grown only in northeastern Brazil parts. The wax itself is got by collecting, drying and beating the palm leaves.

According to many, carnauba wax, regularly, is used in waxes that are automobile- based though it normally makes food products, shoe polishes, furniture and floor waxes, dental floss as well as polishes. Since it is also hypoallergenic, it makes cosmetics for instance deodorant, lipstick and mascara and any other cosmetic that you can think of.

The above named products are just few of the items that trees provide thus it is crucial to take care of these trees.