Why Trees are Important for Wildlife

Isn’t it obvious that where there trees are existential, plants and wildlife follow behind? Trees are important in ecology because they are habitat and food provider to small animals and birds in general. In addition, they enhance growth diversity by creating an environment that permits plant growth which would be absent. Therefore board with me on this journey of exploring the preponderance of trees.

Habituation of wildlife 

The complex ecosystem today is made of animals and plant of which we all know. Every organism has its habitat and is in a coexisting unique relationship with its surrounding organism.

Take an example of beautiful giraffes who adapt browsing Acacia trees for food in African grasslands.


Wildlife feeds on native plants  

Animals are normally categorized as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. You know that right? Omnivores and herbivores are dependent on native plants to get their feeds. As some animals can consume wide plant varieties as well as adapt to newer varieties, others do not have the capability to do so.

Needless to say carnivores feed on flesh of other animals and thus it would be only right to state that they would face the repercussions should native plants vanish out of sight. I only hope you have the full grip of it all.


Wildlife acquire medicines from plants  

You probably might know of herbal medicines used by human beings but it would really be interesting to satiate you with the knowledge of animals using plants for medicinal purposes.

Piper plant is used by Clever Monkeys in repelling insects while Tamarins consume large seeds in aim of curbing parasitic infections.

Even more fascinating is the milkweed plants which prevent laid eggs by Monarch butterflies from parasites.


Wildlife us them as a hide- out place 

Native plants act as a cover up for preys that are being hungrily thirsted for by their predators. On the other side too, trees are used by predators to camouflaging themselves as they stealthily sneak up to their prey which was unsuspecting.


Wildlife need trees for entire survival  

Some trees in specificity are required by wildlife to meet up with their habituation needs bear young ones and for every reason known to them lest they die. Just to give you an instance of the whole subject here is the Northern California’s Spotted Owl which can’t survive without virgin forest trees.


Trees form Ecosystems 

To define an ecosystem, the word tree has to be present which forms the primary livelihood for wildlife. Amongst many examples we have Northern California’s Redwood Forests and The Everglades’ endlessly flowing grasses in Southern Florida. It is in these places that every breathing creature dwells in. Not abandoning the fact that trees attract rain hence continuing water cycle and are always weather pre-determinants. It is this aqua attracted by the trees which every creature cannot live without. Consequently the moisture in the atmosphere is retained which is an added guarantee of future rain for wildlife promising them no unquenched thirst days ahead.