Types of Endangered Trees Worldwide

May. 11, 2018 by

When you think of something being endangered, you probably automatically think of animals. In the entire world, there are about 5,000 endangered species of animals, and despite the importance of protecting these endangered animals; there is also an importance in

What is Sustainable Forestry?

May. 3, 2018 by

A sustainable forest is a forest that is carefully managed so that as trees are felled they are replaced with seedlings that eventually grow into mature trees. This is a carefully and skillfully managed system. Being a working place, it

What Types of Materials are Made from Trees?

Apr. 18, 2018 by

It is a known fact that most of the materials we use come from trees, ranging from wood material resources —that is used to make wooden cabins and furniture, coffee cup sleeves and printer paper. In the health docate, both physical

Why Trees are Important for Wildlife

Apr. 12, 2018 by

Isn’t it obvious that where there trees are existential, plants and wildlife follow behind? Trees are important in ecology because they are habitat and food provider to small animals and birds in general. In addition, they enhance growth diversity by